The “Blade” anime – an underrated gem

I’ve watched and read a couple of things these past few weeks, but deleted 2-3 posts that I originally wrote about them. I wanted to write about something that few people have spoken about and that deserves more attention. And then I remembered that this exists and decided to watch it.

Around 10 years ago, Marvel decided to make a bunch of anime series revolving around a couple of Marvel characters including Blade, Wolverine, Iron man and the X-men. Blade, who is already is one of if not the biggest name in Marvel that is not a part of the MCU Avengers was definitely an amazing choice to do this, seeing as how huge the movies were and how they changed the world of superhero movies.

When tackling a franchise such as this, it can be hard to get it right and please the fans of the original franchise, especially when one of the reasons as to why the series is loved is the actor who made the character what it was. But making it an anime surprisingly gave it a fresh breath of air.

Having it in a 12 episode series gave the character a lot more development and much more material to work with. We got to know Blade himself on a personal level (although the movies did a decent job of that too), we got to see a lot of fantastic side characters, something that is often overlooked in short series. Characters that are memorable even though their roles are minor.

Much like in the movies, the antagonist of the series is Deacon Frost. He is a rogue vampire that has created the underworld empire known as “Existence”. An empire that has grown so powerful that it threatens the existence of the pureblood Vampire nobility. Thus Blade is thrown into the three way battle between the humans, Existence and the pureblood vampires.

What I liked most about this series, other than the great characters and plot development was the diversity of vampires. As Blade traveled through multiple Asian countries he fought against all sorts of vampires, such as the “Manananggal” a vampire like mythological creature from the Philippines. This also added substance to the subplot of the purebloods and their elitism. The other vampire types joined alongside Frost who sought to overthrow the European nobles while giving us a loot at the vampiric folklore of other countries.

All in all, although not perfect or anything special, the series has a lot to offer and is something that would be loved by any anime or horror fan. Other than acknowledging different kinds of vampires it does not bring anything else new to the table, it still works with what it has and it does it well. Maybe if it came out at a similar time with Castlevania the hype would have given it the praise that it deserves, although of course it is not as good as it. But this could just be me riding on the Vampire Hunter D high and thinking this was better than it actually was. I’d love to hear other perspectives on the series.

Final verdict: 8/10

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