Willy’s Wonderland – movie review

Ah man, it is finally here. Nick Cage in all his glory, beating the shit out of animatronics. 

I could leave it at that since that is pretty much what the plot is. Nick Cage’s character gets his tires blown out in the middle of the road by some road spikes and he gets picked up by the local car mechanic. He offers to fix up his car however he does not accept a credit card due to issues with machines and since he does not have any cash he is offered a night’s work in order to pay off the cost.

The job in question is spending one night in the aforementioned Willy’s Wonderland to clean up the closed down family fun center. But, of course as one would expect there is a catch. The animatronics are alive and coming for him.

Although there is little to no plot there was a decent enough premise which went against just a bloodbath between Cage and animated weasels. But at the end of the day it was still cliché and exactly what you would expect from a movie like this. There was not anything deep, or thought provoking. Just Cage at his best. And that is why I loved it.

If you know anything about the film you know what you are into when you watch it so if you don’t like it it is on you. However there was something that did not fit the narrative of your regular B movie horror comedy and that was Cage’s character himself. I totally loved him and the fact that he says nothing during the entire film. He comes off as the anti cliché antihero because he just does not fit in that world. There is a scene where is standing off against one of the animatronics ready to fight to the death until he gets a notification on his watch and just leaves the knife with the girl that was trying to help him and goes off to play pinball and have a drink. So ridiculous yet perfect. He just did what he wanted and gave zero fucks regardless of the circumstances. And the fact that he does not speak is the best part honestly, it adds to the anti cliché of his persona.

Since Cage himself loved the script and produced the movie I am pretty sure that he knows exactly what his fans love and knows how to make movies like this that are not just your everyday B movie. And I really want to see more of his nameless character just getting into the most cliché horror scenarios and not taking any of their crap and killing them all and moving on. I can easily see it being a cult classic series. Sadly it will probably not make a lot of money but I sure hope that it does. I do have to shoutout the soundtrack as well, there were some great songs on there.

Final verdict: movie wise 6/10, entertainment wise 10/10, I loved every second of it.

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