Abbott – comic review

Looks like I am in a comic book mood so let’s move on. 

I found this randomly but it seemed to fit this month. It tells the story Elena Abbott, a black female reporter in the 70s who investigates crimes that others do not want to write about. Mainly, the murders of black people that cops usually want to sweep under the rug or write off as suicide. This has landed her in hot water and most of the police officers dislike her. 

But lately the crimes that she has been investigating seem to be connected to the death of her husband. During her investigation though she finds herself under the blade of a masked man believed to be part of some shadowy supernatural organization. With them hot on her trail her search for the truth becomes much more difficult. 

This was surprisingly good. Stories like these can be a hit or a miss when covering such hard and relevant topics but this one handled it perfectly, it even had some lgbt undertones sprinkled in and it never fell forced. Contrary to popular belief I do think that it still is a good thing to have stories like these but when done right like it was done here. When it feels forced it only does the opposite of what it sets out to do.  

I loved the characters, especially Elena. Hot headed, brave and willing to do anything for the truth. The issue lied within the supernatural aspect of the story. It is hard to mix two genres like this so it is understandable but the fault lied within not expanding on the lore in itself. The villain was perfect, the intrigue was there but by the end it fell short.

Nonetheless it was a good read and I still recommend it. 

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Artist: Sami Kivelä

Final verdict: 7/10

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