Arawn – comic book review

Blood, guts, glory, demons, angels, war. The perfect mix of chaos in the shape of “Arawn” the comic about the Celtic legend of Arawn – the god of death.

Released in “Heavy metal magazine” Arawn is a french comic book written by Ronan De Breton and illustrated by Sebastien Grenier. It tells the story of (as if it was not obvious) Arawn as the main character along with his three brothers and his mother Siahm. Along with his brother Engus he is the child of Bran, the man who killed Siahm’s husband, the father of his half brothers Math and Kern and defiled her before meeting his end at her hands.

As a child, his mother heavily favored Math and Kern, and due to his odd nature she abandoned him to be raised by wolves and in his later years she sends him along with his brothers to retrieve four powerful artifacts that would give them great power. Upon acquiring their prizes all 4 set off to their own path in becoming kings. However the bones of fate have given them 4 dark prophecies that would ultimately lead to their demise. Thus begins their bloody reign as they try and defeat fate, before their madness gets to them. 

What hell of a ride has this been. I absolutely loved this comic, and although there were parts of it that felt as if the pacing was off it still kept me hooked from start to finish. It truly lives up to the word “metal” in heavy metal magazine. The artwork was bloody brilliant (pun intended) as it showed a dark and barren wasteland full of war and death. And even if it heavily focuses on the physical aspect of the story it has a lot of soul beneath it too. The tragedy of the characters and sadness of the story is nothing to be ignored. There were moments where you felt the pain of even the worst characters. A truly well written story.

But, truthfully, even so it definitely is done in a style that I can see being very dividing. I assume it is a “love it or hate it” comic and luckily I really loved it. And highly recommend it. I might pick up some Conan after this, or perhaps Slaine which I have never read.

Final verdict: 8/10

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