Graduation post: Hospital Massacre – movie review

It has been obvious that I have been very inactive on my blog. I had to focus on my university and finally graduate after such a long time. And a few days ago I did. I am now an X-ray technician. In honor of that, I thought that I would look up if there is a movie that is close to my line of work. 

Hospital Massacre (also known as X-Ray) is a 1982 (or 1981 according to IMDb) American horror movie directed by Boaz Davidson and starring Barbi Benton. It tells the story of Susan Jeremy, who after going to the hospital for a routine check up. However, once she arrives, a lot of people end up dead or missing, including her doctor. While looking for her doctor, someone switches up her X-Ray images and once the other doctors find them they have no choice but to keep her there. 

Realistically, there is not much to this movie, it is another random 80s slasher movie with corniness in it. At the start I really enjoyed it as bad as it was. You could tell that the people who made the film knew nothing of hospital procedures, or maybe back then it was just a different time but even so, the corniness and charm of the movie made it enjoyable.

There were a lot of fakes in the movie where the atmosphere is built up to make it seem like something scary will happen only to show you that it is the opposite which at the start was funny and enjoyable but until the end it became overdone. The whole last act of the movie was odd and made no sense but if you just want to watch something playing in the background or something that you don’t need to focus on it can be the perfect movie. It is bizarre enough to keep you watching regardless of how bad it is, everything from the doctors to the patients makes no sense and purposely or not, their over and underacting make it that much more weirder. 

All in all, although it is a bad movie it has its moments and it can keep you entertained. 
Final verdict: 6/10


  1. Oh I love this one. It’s like the people who made it have never even been to a hospital in their lives (or even seen one). Like that tiny little room where they had 3 people in full body casts all shoved in there with the lights out. So hilariously bad.

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