The case of the exorcist – A deeper look into the world of exorcisms

Is it just me or are exorcists just very fascinating? 

Exorcisms are not uncommon in many religions. Priests, nuns, monks, shamans, psychics and geomancers are all known to be able to “exorcise” demons or even the devil himself from people. And although most (if not all) of these cases of possessions can be easily explained as just mental illness. But even so, the “profession” is alive and well today and very frequent in fiction as we have seen as well.

So why are they so interesting to someone like me who is not a fan of organized religion? Well for starters, it plays to my most childish fantasies (mainly by the way they are portrayed in works of fiction and not in real life) as the lone wolves being the last stand between pure evil and saving the life and soul of an innocent person all the while sacrificing their sanity and their lives in the process. It is something most people can not do and is very admirable. People who put their safety aside in order to battle the biggest of big threats in order to save one person. That is a trait that people should have (of course to an extent not to such an extreme).

Now of course, on the complete other side, I criticize modern day “exorcisms” since they just seem either people after fame or with mental illnesses or priests that dupe innocent people into thinking that they are possessed just so they can make some money and look good on camera. A few examples would be:

This same priest charges around 300 dollars for remote skype exorcisms (yes you read that right) and claims to have done over 15 000 exorcisms (do the math on how much money that is)

One could make a case for them having a placebo effect on the people in case and that they are actually helping them but with seeing how profitable this business actually is, I highly doubt that these people have good intentions. Does it really make sense for someone to be able to exorcise you through Skype? And any reasonable religious person knows that such a thing should not require payment. These are people that prey on gullible and desperate people and do more harm than good. And on the other side, you have horror movies that glorify these stories, disregarding the families involved just to make a movie and capitalize on the story.

Can there be real exorcists? Sure, I will never completely disregard something and am willing to accept it if I see it, as I’ve said I actually really admire exorcists (at least the fictional version of them) and if there are actual people like that who exist out there I would admire them greatly, yet somehow the difference between the fictional and “real life” exorcist is astronomical. I am also someone who loves spirituality so I am by no means attacking someone’s faith, I am only attacking people who prey on said faith in order to profit in one way or another. But for exorcists to be “real” or “genuine” exorcisms would have to be real too. And are there any cases of that?

So far, everything that has happened in the “most famous” cases of exorcisms can be explained. This is why I loved “The exorcist” book. It really gets into detail on what can cause people to do and say what they do. It is hard to find any documented cases of something actually supernatural happening that could indicate that these people are legit. At today’s day and age the work of a demon would be easy. All they would need to do is get in front of a camera and show their power and the world would plunge into chaos. There would be people doubting their faith, believers and non believers at war and believers of different religions against each other as well, yet we never see this.

It is a really fascinating rabbit hole and another example of human greed exploiting the faith and hope of people. And they are making huge amounts of money for it. A perfect example (although not an exorcist he did try to “exorcise” covid) the only man that I have seen so far that I would totally believe is actually possessed – Kenneth Copeland, who deservers an entire post on himself, someone who to me is one of the worst people at today’s day and age.

But let’s not end on a horrible note, instead a shout out to Andre Antunes:

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