Exorcism January: 30 Coins – season 1 review

It is such a strange coincidence that an exorcist show would premiere just when I decided to start writing about them, and yet I almost missed it.

The show was written and directed by Álex de la Iglesia. It tells the story of father Manuel Vergara, a former exorcist and ex con working as a priest in a small village trying to turn over a new leaf and forget his past. However, the demons from his past come back to haunt him and the village and along with the help of Paco, the mayor and Elena the veterinarian he has to face them and save everyone.

Although it uses a simple premise, the show very quickly switches gears and starts tackling many subjects which to be fair reminded me a bit of the TV show version of “The exorcist” (involving the church/Vatican and corruption inside) but by no means does it feel like a rip-off or anything. These tropes are to be expected in shows like these. And it adds a lot of variety that makes it very good.

It had me hooked from the very first episode. By the end of it I was very shocked to see it resolve what I assumed were going to be plot points in the next few episodes. And it only went up from there. The only few issues that I had were that at points it felt like it was aiming too high and it only backfired on it, which was at the middle and near the end.

But overall as an entire package, it totally delivered. It could have been better definitely, a few things should have definitely been changed but perhaps that is just me trying to backseat write. After all, it is much easier from this side of the screen rather than actually putting effort into it. The budget as well was not high enough and it clearly shows in some scenes that take away from the enjoyment of the show but this is something that I can not fault them for. What I can fault them for would be some poor casting choices, it might just be me but I did not care for the main antagonist of the show. He did not sell it for me, which is sad because his colleague (someone who gave me heavy G-man vibes) was fantastic.

Will it be among my favorite shows? Definitely not. But will I remember it and eagerly expect the next season? Definitely. I am a sucker for characters like father Vergara after all.

Final verdict: 7/10

For anyone interested in it, you can check it out on HBO.

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