Exorcism January: The Divine Fury – movie review

Well one of the best exorcisms I’ve seen on screen was a Korean one in The Wailing so it would be a shame if I don’t watch more Korean exorcism movies.

This movie caught my eye because it was being said that it mixes fighting and exorcism so I knew that I had to watch it even if it ended up being bad.

It tells the story of Yong-hoo, an MMA fighter who loses his faith in god after the death of his father during his childhood. Fast forward to now, he lives a mainly secluded life while being a professional MMA fighter. Soon enough he begins to hear voices in his head and strange marks begin to appear on his hands. Unable to get answers from modern medicine he turns to another source for answers, where he meets the exorcist from Vatican.

Although not what I expected, the movie was better than I thought. If you ignore the ending that is, since it went a bit off the rails. But overall it was decent. There were a lot of clich├ęs in the movie which I honestly did not mind. Usually they can be seen as negative but since they were done somewhat decent I did not mind it. As one would expect he gains another father figure and bonds with him, which is been done a hundred times and it was a bit dragged out but I found myself enjoying it. It had decent visuals too.

If they had worked on the ending more and cut the movie from 2 hours to 1 and a half it would have been much better. The movie definitely had the substance and I did find it enjoyable it just felt unfinished. There was not a lot of fighting either, less than one would expect from a movie like this, instead they focused too much on pointless scenes. A little more effort into the villain backstory would not have hurt either. Still, I do not regret watching it.

Final verdict: 6.5/10

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