Exorcism January: Stigmata – movie review

Sadly due to uni work and holidays I didn’t get to talk about all of the things I wanted in December so I’ll just add another month to it.

So to start off the month I went with a movie that I have not seen in ages that left quite the impression on me when I was a kid. The 1999 movie “Stigmata” staring Patricia Arquette and Gabriel Bryne and was directed by Rupert Wainwright.

It tells the story of a Vatican priest/scientist who goes to investigate alleged miracles around the world. Upon returning from one of his investigations he is shown the video of a young woman who seems to be showing signs of stigmata. Once there, he begins to witness events that will lead him to question both his faith and his science.

Without revealing too much it is hard to describe what the plot revives about but the TLDR is that it is a critique of the church. Although some people might see it as criticizing religion I’d say that it does quite the opposite in the way that it deals with certain subject matters. It also has an interesting although minor twist on the possession trope which I enjoyed.

And although I am not really a Christian (even though that is my name xD) it still made me appreciate the potential that it could have if the church did not have so much power and influence over people. Especially this scene: (not really a big spoiler)

It also had some decent characters that had chemistry and although the acting was not perfect it was good enough to make you interested in the characters. Overall it was a great film and I was wondering why it is rarely mentioned so I decided to look up the reviews on it before I finish mine this time and was shocked to see that many people disliked it.

It is understandable not to like it, it has its faults and by no means is it a cinematic masterpiece but it is better than people give it credit for (although IMDb had more positive reviews than RT)

Overall it’s really a decent movie and it makes you think so it is definitely worth it.

Final verdict: 7/10

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