Exorcism December: The Exorcism – A Christmas Ghost Story

So it’s Christmas for most of the people that read this and I decided to look up “Christmas exorcism” and see if anything fit the theme. Lo and behold I found this gem. 

The Exorcism: A Christmas Ghost Story is a radio play by Don Taylor. I could not find much information on it I assume because it was a radio play. That being said I checked it out and it ended up being the perfect thing. 

Rather than it being an exorcism story it resembles a Christmas ghost story. Dan and Margaret have come to spend Christmas with their friends Rachel and Edmund in their renovated eighteenth-century labourer’s cottage. They get comfortable and start mingling when Rachel starts playing the harpsichord. Suddenly she gets a sinister feeling as she starts playing a song that she has never heard before. The others brush it off as Déjà vu but soon after that, the electricity fails and the phone stops working. Thus a series of bizarre events start that lead up to a bone chilling climax which fits in perfectly with the undertones of the many dialogues that the  characters partook in through the story.

Although as I said before not a typical exorcism story, this radio play gives us one of the best stories that I have read (heard in this case), in a very long time. It has intrigue, mystery, building up a fantastic atmosphere and it gives us a great variety of characters that enrich the story as a group of rational thinkers (some more than the rest) trapped in an unexplainable situation having philosophical debates as they try and rationalize what exactly is happening to them.

Having the story told as a radio play makes for a different experience than it being a novel or a story. There is no narration, we learn what is happening only through the characters themselves and the sound effects. I always enjoyed some radio plays but I never really dove deep into their world, this fantastic story definitely made me want to read much more and even if you do not enjoy them I do highly recommend you read this, it is fantastic. Although I can see that some people would find it preachy since everything seems to be politicized these days, it is still a story that they will enjoy. 
Final verdict: 9/10

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