Exorcism December: Faith chapter 1 – game review

A year after the failed exorcism of the Martin house, father John returns to the site. 


John explores the surrounding forest finding hints and clues before entering the house and finishing what he started one year ago. On your way you find journal entry type pages by exorcising certain places on the map all the while you escape a terrifying monster that is chasing you.


As you can see, the game itself has a very minimalistic aesthetic and that is nothing compared to most games today, even though it was released in 2017 by Airdorf Games. But this is where the charm of the game comes from. There is beauty to simplicity and in no other place is that evident than here. Instead of a complex gameplay it focuses on building up the atmosphere (especially the music which was fantastic) and telling the story in a non linear fashion, relying on you finding the pages and learning more and more about the story. 

For the most part it ran really smoothly but until it comes to the exorcism itself. It could have been my rusty gaming skills but the part with the upside down pentagram was one of the most frustrating moments that I have had in games in a while. I died so many times and I almost had to throw my laptop through the window. Nonetheless, it was definitely a game worth playing. 

There are 5 endings that are very different from one another, from terrifying to downright funny and it is great that the game lets you play through all of them after you finish one. 

What I did not like however was the fact that the game does autosave but once I turned it off once I could not return to my save and had to start over. It is a short game but still it is an annoying thing to go through. All in all, it is a great game for killing some time that does not require too much commitment. There is also another chapter and a demo for the third that I will be playing in the near future. 

It can be found for free here: https://airdorf.itch.io/faith

If you end up playing the game I would love to hear your thoughts of it below. 

Final verdict: 7/10


      • Mobile horror games are pretty rare as i cant see myself getting immersed in the game as it is on the same screen i can expect to get a call from. But horror on pc an consoles? Bro i jump at certain stages of games… ill see if i can track some down in the future, let you know

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