Exorcism December: The last exorcism – movie review

I’ve always been fascinated with exorcists and exorcisms. Although I believe most of the “exorcists” are just con artists (which will tie in with this movie and the post I will be working on later in the month) they are still very fascinating to look into, both fictional and “real” ones”

Starting off as a found footage/documentary style movie about a preacher and exorcist who has lost his faith but still runs his church in order to make some money and in his own words help people (weather he believes it or just wants to justify taking their money) he hires the camera crew in order to show that exorcisms are fake and doing them is merely creating a placebo effect for the victims. He accepts one last job and takes them along with him.

They arrive at the farm of the man who hired them to exorcise his daughter. At first their reception is hard as the priest tries to prove that the possession is fake. He performs an exorcism with his tricks and it seems to be a success until things take a weird turn.

The movie starts off shaky but the underlying plot of it is very good…for the most part. The movie juggles a few themes and it keeps us on our toes while making us guess whether there is something supernatural happening or if it is all a hoax. But somewhere along the way it manages to become sloppy and the ending just comes from nowhere and just shits on the rest of the plot.

Yes you could argue that there were were some hints but the way that it was handled was horrible. What was the point in having a morally ambiguous protagonist and a plot such as this when the ending just throws it all out the window. This was yet again one of those movies that become less and less rare that just make me pissed off after watching it. And it’s a shame because it could have been so much better. But surprisingly it still did very well amassing 69 million dollars worldwide with just a 1.8 million dollar budget.

If you can get past the horrible ending its still an enjoyable movie to watch which you can find on Netflix.

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