The Babysitter: Killer Queen – movie review

Surprisingly there is a part 2 of this movie. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Two years after Cole’s babysitter tried to sacrifice him with her satanic cult, he is trying to adjust to high school life while being the only one who believes that the events actually happened. His parents don’t believe him, his class thinks that he is the biggest loser. The only person who seems to support him is Melanie, his best friend.

Upon hearing that his parents want to send him to a mental asylum he escapes along with Melanie to go to a lake party. Things seem to be going good, until a few familiar faces show up and he is forced to relive the same thing again.

I refrained from reviewing part one since it felt pretty basic and cliche, even though I somewhat enjoyed it, but I got bored one night and while browsing on Netflix saw that there was a second part. Luckily for me the second part ended up being much better than the first.

The concept of Cole being alone in the world who believes that what happened actually happened was very interesting. It’s a rare trope to come across so it came as a fresh breath of air after the first part. Even though many of the plot points return after it still had enough change to make it interesting. Surprisingly, I even enjoyed some of the characters that annoyed me from the first one.

You should watch the first part in order to have some context for this one but honestly you can skip it too.

Final verdict: 7/10

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