Supernatural – The end of an era

It’s over. After so long it is finally over and it’s so hard to believe it.

I still remember grabbing the remote back when I was supposed to be asleep and turning on the TV to watch two brothers kill monsters. I didn’t know anything about it I was just so fascinated by them and the world that they were in. But since the channel stopped showing it after what I found out later was the season 5 finale a year or so passed before I started thinking about it again. One of my friends told me about how and where I can watch it and I never stopped since. Surprisingly, the show was a lot bigger than I initially thought.

15 seasons. The longest running genre TV show in the US. What made it so? It has a lot of filler, plot holes, wasted characters and opportunities and bad seasons (we don’t talk about season 7 although the head leviathan was a very cool character IMO). The love. It would be easy to argue that the overall theme of the show was not horror but family. Everyone says it and it is inherently obvious. Especially if you grew up with the show. I was greatly invested in Sam, Dean, their family, friends and frenemies.

But throughout the years that love moved away from the brothers to the actors and writers themselves. The entire production team loved the show and they gave it their best to make it what it was. The best way to see this was through one of my favorite things from the show – the gag reels.

That was in its core the reason why this show became what it was. I honestly believe that there will be nothing like Supernatural ever again. Sure some might last longer or could do some concepts better but they will never be what it was.

As I sit here listening to “Carry on my wayward son” I keep remembering the best parts of the show, from the meta humor and self awareness to the amazing supporting cast I can’t help but tear up. The show became something no other show has in my life, it became a part of my life and my character. It may not be my favorite but it is my most memorable one. And for that I am not afraid to call it a masterpiece. It almost feels like I know Sam and Dean, like we the fans were a part of their journey throughout the years riding in the back of their impala. It was a truly magical show. It had a soul and that’s why people stuck with it.

Sam and Dean were huge role models for me when I was a kid. I always gravitated more towards Sam since I felt Dean was played as the favorite most of the time, plus I just liked Sam’s rational side rather than Dean’s chaotic side. Through all of their faults they always had eachother and always came out on top.

I wasn’t going to go through all of the seasons but seeing as how the finale made me so emotional and writing this brought back great memories I just might do it. I want to talk about many characters and subplots anyways so it might be perfect.

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