Halloween movie night – Scream

Ahh Scream, the movie I know everything about yet have never watched. It was long overdue for a viewing.

Having seen “Scary movie” several times I pretty much knew the plot of the movie and how it would end (Funny enough “Scary movie” was the original name for the film). It starts off with a teenage girl alone in her house gets a call from a stranger that starts asking her all sorts of questions. Soon enough, he kills her boyfriend in front of her before killing her as well.

This is all happening one year after the death of Sidney Prescott’s mother. Sidney, having a hard time coping with her death and trying to have a normal life begins to get calls from the killer. She becomes his new target as more and more people keep dropping dead around the town and the culprit is nowhere to be found.

Now, as I said, I knew everything about the movie without having seen it because of Scary movie but even with all of the mystery gone from the movie it was very enjoyable. The pacing was superb, the characters were all great and diverse and even though it is obvious satire of the genre it was still scary, especially the first scene. It was one of the most suspenseful scenes that you could come across. It is not easy to make a movie that both critiques and showcases the formulas most slasher movies follow while being a slasher movie in the same time. The best part about it was the killer himself and how the story of his motivation was used. There was no supernatural force behind it or anything otherworldly. Nothing is scarier than the human mind and this shows it. (Well maybe the outer gods would be but they don’t count)

But when you see a movie like that which critiques classic tropes that are overused or just don’t make sense you begin to see other faults that the movie has in itself. That does not make it any less watchable but it still has mistakes in it that take away from the whole motion that it is the perfect satire of the genre. For example the first thing that comes to mind is (slight spoilers ahead) when Tatum goes to the garage to get some beer and gets killed off yet no one discovers her body. Yes it is at the back of the house but in a huge house full of drunk teenagers would no one really pass by it? And if they had no beer and it was cooling in the garage would they all just stop drinking for hours?

As usual, I am probably looking too much into it but still, some movie logic scenes do annoy me even if it is in a movie that is satirizing that very genre. Still, at the end of the day even with those few scenes it is still very different from the same stale formula and it feels like one of those movies that can be rewatched many times. Luckily there are sequels too and even when knowing that seqeuls almost never end up being as good as the first one I will be watching them too and I won’t have them spoiled so I might end up enjoying them more.

Final verdict: 8/10

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