The best horror comedy you haven’t seen – Pee Mak

This is what I love about horror, we get to see fantastic films from all over the world. For tonight, I saw a fantastic Thai film based on a Thai legend.

Mak is a young soldier is returning from the war along with his friends Ter, Puak, Shin, and Aey to see his wife and newborn child. Once they arrive at his home and meet his wife Mak’s friends decide to move in the house across from Mak for a while. Everything seems to be going perfect for Mak and his friends, until they head off to the town. They begin to notice that everyone is scared and avoiding them.

That is when his friends find out about the rumor that Nak (Mak’s wife) died in labor and now her ghost hunts their house. At first they dismiss it but once they start seeing her and the scary things that happen around her they slowly start to believe in the rumors. Struggling to tell their friend about their suspicion they try to find out the truth and save their friend without Nak noticing.

Pee Mak being the first movie from Thailand that I have seen it definitely paints their cinematic world in a bright light. It is an absolute gem that I enjoyed from start to finish. The main cast had a fantastic chemistry and I was really invested in their characters. And the mix between horror and comedy was superb that it really took me by surprise. Most of the times where you have a horror comedy they take the scary aspect and add a funny twist to it. Here we had a constant shift between the two genres that on paper seems weird and ineffective it actually makes the movie that much better. The tone of the movie constantly shifts and it is done so flawlessly that you hardly even notice.

All of that comes together into a rollercoaster of an ending full of emotions and unpredictability. It leaves clues for you from the very start as to what the ending will be but just when you think you know how it will end it throws curve balls that keep you guessing and that is what makes this one of the best movies that I have seen this year.

Final verdict: 9/10

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