Things that made me love the horror genre – A Haunting in Connecticut (2002)

This “A haunting” episode has (pun intended) been haunting me since I was a child. It is honestly surprising that I haven’t spoken about it yet on here but what better time than right before Halloween?

Imagine if you will, a young me, browsing around on the TV and coming across the discovery channel. On it, a show called “A haunting”. Safe to say that my little mind was very curious and so I started watching. It was very scary but my curiosity got the best of me and I just know that I had to keep watching. And out of all of them, there was one episode that stood out, especially because of one person in it. 

The episode started off like many of the other ones. A family moved into a new house but here, they had to move because of their son’s cancer treatment. Surprised by the low price the mother asks about it, she finds out that the house used to be a funeral home and the basement was actually the embalming room. And of course, her sons had to have chosen the basement as their room. Sure enough, odd things start to happen to the boys, especially the ill older brother who starts completely changing his behavior. He even begins seeing a horrifying figure:


(spoiler alert this is the one who was terrifying me)

But even that did not stop me so I stayed glued to my screen until it ended. So how did this hold up watching it well over a decade now?

Well, it was definitely not as bad as I expected. As most of these shows go you know what you are in for but this series knew how to be effective in what it did. The music was very creepy and the narrator was made for the job so they made a fantastic atmosphere. At the start of the it I even felt some chills. But as it progressed it was clear that I outgrew that kind of media. It did not help that I finally noticed that the psychic called was Lorraine Warren and her husband. If you have looked up anything about them you can imagine how the authenticity was shattered even if I still believed in ghosts. You could feel that many things were just exaggerated or flat out lies that were there just so the plot could be more believable.

Plus it was obviously catering to a certain audience and it was plain as day from the desperate families struggling to survive trying to relate with the viewer to the skeptic being proven wrong reassuring the viewer that what is happening is true. This felt like a rare occasion when the production quality of the show (although nothing too grandiose it was still decent as I said) works against it because it feels like the extra work is done to sell you on their product more. So the rewatch was a bit of a letdown but not completely since it did make me want to dive deeper into shows such as these. There are many of them and they always seem to gather an audience. I guess you can definitely argue that the show as a complete success in itself because to a young me it hit all the right and wrong spots.

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