Watching a randomly suggested movie: The Nature of the Beast – movie review

Time for another randomized horror movie. To be fair this is not the one that showed up first on the generators but the others were films I’ve seen already so I had to scroll until I found this.

At the start of the film, we hear on the radio that there are two men on the run from the police. One, is the dreaded hatchet man, a serial killer that has been on a murderous rampage through the dessert and the other is a thief who stole a million dollars from a Las Vegas casino.

So the stage is set, and we meet our two players. Jack Powell (played by Lance Henriksen) is travelling through South Carolina when he meets a strange man called Adrian (played by Eric Roberts) who asks if he would give him a ride. Jack is reluctant at first and tries to get away from him but Adrian tells him that he knows what he is carrying around in his briefcase, so in fear of being reported to the police, Jack gives him a ride.

I was very surprised that this movie was so hard to come across. The performances by the two main actors alone are worthwhile. It is the ending of the movie where some issues might occur but it is still nonetheless a very good horror thriller. The ending gives us a not so surprising plot twist that changes everything but it does not take a detective to notice that something is off from the very beginning. That is both the best and worst part of the film. It makes you question some things that just don’t make sense after you finish the movie. You could say “They were there deliberately to confuse you” but once you finish the movie they do throw you off when you think about it. Still…that may just be me looking into things too much.

Regardless, the cat and mouse games between the two make for a very suspenseful movie that more than make up for any shortcomings. It is such a shame that we do not get to see Henriksen and especially Roberts in more horror roles where they would definitely shine. Amazing performances by both.

Final verdict: 7/10

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