Gozu – movie and sanity review

There comes a time in a man’s life where he questions his entire existence. This was my time right after finishing the movie.

I knew about this movie for a while now, anyone who is a Japanese horror fan knows about the director Takashi Miike. Seeing as how it was free on TubiTV it was hard to pass out on it.

During one of the yakuza meetings a member of the group, Ozaki, notices two elderly women playing with a small dog. He informs his boss that the dog is a trained yakuza assassin and kills it. Worried by his decline of sanity the boss orders his young protege to kill and dispose of him. However, Ozaki dies sooner than he is supposed to and things take an odd turn.

Actually, an odd turn is just putting it lightly. This movie is one of, if not the weirdest movie that I have ever seen. There were several moments in it where I said out loud “What the fuck am I watching?” It feels like a fever dream. The low budget filming style adds greatly to it as well. (Then again it did have a fairly low budget so it might not have been on purpose. Due to the low budget it was originally going to be a straight to DVD movie but the positive reception at the Cannes changed that)

I’ve seen a fair amount of weird movies and a fair amount of Japanese media, I am no stranger to the work of Miike either, yet this movie was unlike anything that I have ever seen before. Yet, all of that made me want to watch it even more. That is where the strength of the movie lies. It has no jump scares or your typical psychological scares that you would see in most other movies. It just weirds you out and disturbs you in an unique way. It’s so surreal and unbelievable that it still has my head scratching. Some scenes (involving breast milk) will stick with me for a long ass time. I definitely will not be forgetting this movie any time soon.

As for what it was all about and what it means, that definitely can be debated. On one side, the basic plot just withers away after a fairly short time and it becomes more and more obscure, but on the other side there were some mild themes of rebirth and homosexuality that you can make a case for. Perhaps my wits are not sharp enough to notice some underlying tones. Still, even without analyzing this movie will definitely be enjoyed by any cult cinema fan. Your everyday movie goer though…best to stay away from this.

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