Left 4 Dead 2 – a brand new update “The last stand”

For someone who is not the biggest fan of zombie movies, I sure do love the zombie games.

After a long time, L4D2 has released a brand new update with a lot of content. “The last stand” is a huge update for the game made from the fans of the game themselves. It features a brand new campaign based on a survival map that is shorter than most but really fun. It also comes with 26 new survival maps that I have not tested out yet, I mainly play the campaigns with friends, but might check in the future(foreshadowing).

                                                               (image from Steam)

As far as the gameplay goes, the graphics seem a bit more polished and the game has a bit of a darker aesthetic which only works for its favor. There are two new melee weapons – the pitchfork and shovel. Both are very fun, the shovel more than the pitchfork and give a nice change to the game but they will never replace the satisfaction of the machete and katana. There are also a few range weapons added, from what I understood they were taken from CS Source. So far I am enjoying them, especially the SMG.

Although there are not too many things to go through playing the game definitely feels fresh. I will be playing a lot more of it in the future (if I can get over my borderlands 2 addiction that is), possibly even on my stream if I muster up the courage (dlive.tv/nightmaresunleashed) so I am very content with the update. The game is also free for a few days on steam an people can check it out for themselves, it is definitely worth a try and if they like it they can buy it for 80% off at the moment of writing this.

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