The owners (2020) – movie review

Looks like my bad horror movie roll is continuing

A group of friends have found the perfect house to break into. The wealthy elderly couple leaves it alone every week at the same time and they have little to no security. They break in, find a massive safe but when they have trouble opening it they decide to make a drastic change to their plans. They wait for the couple to return and try to force the combination out of them.

Fairly simple plot that works just well enough to keep you interested throughout the movie. Although the first part feels nothing like a horror movie things start to get dark once the owners return to their home.

This is one of those films that just leave you speechless at the end. Not because you are blown away by it, but by the fact that someone actually decided to release it to the public. It was so sloppy and it just felt like no effort was made into making it actually good. Even though the plot honestly has some potential ignoring the fact that it seemed to give out heavy “Don’t breathe” vibes, the movie itself has nothing. The atmosphere is just horrible and it has nothing to redeem it. Sure there are somewhat decent performances, most notably Maisie Williams and Rita Tushingham (who played the elderly woman alongside Sylverster McCoy) but it wasn’t really something that particularly stood out.

It was still entertaining, it can be played to pass the time sure but at the end of the day you don’t really get anything from it and after a while you would probably forget all of the details of the movie.

Final verdict: 5/10

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