Peninsula (Train to Busan 2) – movie “review”

Train to Busan was one of the rare zombie films that I actually enjoyed. A fantastic film that everyone should watch. When I saw that a part 2 was released I was overjoyed. 

What the actual fuck was this film? There. That’s my review. What the hell were they thinking? The movie starts off actually very well. I was very impressed with how they set everything up and showed the damage that the virus had done. We even had a sad and emotional moment with a mother and her child that are in the rooms of a warship where everyone around them gets infected. But after that it pretty much turns to shit.

I am having a very difficult time understanding how this movie is in any way connected to the original. It has nothing to offer or compare to it. It wasn’t a horror zombie movie, it was just Mad Max with zombies. Characters had no depth, the story was all over the place and it just followed the same stale zombie movie formula that you can see in every other zombie movie.

Sure, one can argue that it does its own thing and yeah some might find it enjoyable, there were moments that were decent but it just felt very sloppy and quickly put together. Like a bunch of people had no other choice than to write the plot to the sequel in one night and shoot it the other day. If you enjoyed it, I am glad, but I barely was able to finish it, I don’t even know how to write a proper review for it, I am more just venting.

If you want to feel some more of the Train to Busan magic then do not watch this film by any means, instead check the prequel, I have not seen it myself but I rarely hear bad things about it. But if you just enjoy mindless zombie movies you might like this.

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