Haunt (2019) – movie review

While watching some videos on youtube, I came across a review of Chris Stuckmann for a movie that I never really heard about. Although I am always skeptical about reviews it did peek my interest so I checked it out.

A group of friends are leaving a Halloween party and stumble across an extreme haunted house. Reluctant at first, they go inside and soon enough get trapped in an elaborate room full of traps, puzzles and psychotic killers.

Plot wise that is as deep as it goes, it is a slasher film after all but it is a good set up with enough time for us to get acquainted with the characters and connect with them. And that’s what I liked about the film, even though the characters were nothing special, they also weren’t some that you would forget right after the movie ends, especially the lead. They tried to and succeeded in giving her a decent backstory that makes you care for her. And seeing as how the writers of “A quiet place” were involved it is no surprise. It was also produced by Eli Roth. The scenery was also far better than you would expect in a movie such as this one so I was pleasantly surprised.

That being said there were a handful of things that I disliked as well. The antagonists of the movie really threw me off. They just seemed too over the top and had very little substance. Some of the characters and their choices at parts really pissed me off, especially when you see that they themselves knew that they should not have done that.

But all in all, it is exactly what you would expect from a movie such as this, with some positive and negative sides so if you enjoy slashers it is worth a watch. And I might let it sink in for a while before I give it a final score.

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