Iconic horror movies I never saw: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre – movie review

I have been thinking of doing this for quite a while now. There are a bunch of the biggest and most well-known horror movies that I have never seen. So what better time than now to check them out?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has been a movie that I have been putting off watching for a very long time now. Its cult status almost made me feel worried about it. Something scary, dark, and disturbing that would rock my world. Did it live up to it? Well, let’s see.

The movie has a simple premise – a group of teenagers is traveling through Texas on their way to visit their grandfather’s grave. On their way, they pick up a hitchhiker who ends up being very unusual, to say the least. After they kick him out they quickly reach the old family home. Trying to find gasoline they stumble across a generator that takes them to a peaceful looking house. Unfortunately for them, they find a leather mask-wearing chainsaw-wielding mad man and his family.

Honestly, I am trying to be more transparent lately so I have to say – I do not know how to approach this review. I have been thinking about it for a while and have difficulties putting my words on paper. On one hand, the movie was very effective with its minimal use of sound and a simplistic and effective plot that make a truly scary atmosphere and on the other hand, the dullness of the characters and the little substance that they made the first part of the movie so dull for me.

Maybe it was the hype and legend of the movie that ruined a part of the experience for me but I still found myself being disappointed in it a handful of times. Don’t get me wrong this is by no means a bad movie, as I said before it is well made and effective, for example, the murder scenes were fantastic, especially the first one with the twitching and squirming and I totally understand why it is so well known but yet it still failed to captivate me. It felt like it was missing something to truly make it great in my eyes. It had everything in it to make it a good horror movie and it actually is, but yet somehow I did not like it making me think about how and if the status and hype of a piece of fiction can affect the perception of the viewer while watching it. Does it cloud our judgment?

But I am open-minded and in the future, I definitely plan to revisit it again and give it another chance so this time I will not actually give it any score or anything since a good possibility is that the hype around the movie ruined a part of it for me so maybe a rewatch with a low expectation this time will make me experience the film in a whole other light. I have to say though if I watched this on TV when I was young it would terrify me greatly.

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