What better way to come back from an unplanned break than with an incredibly cheesy 80s slasher? – Killer workout (Aerobicide) – movie review

It’s been a month or so since I last posted. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to finally take my final exam at my university. It’s been almost 2 years of playing “cat and mouse” with my professor through the university and trying to track her down in order to ask for a date for the exam. Hopefully, I will pass and will no longer have to chase her.

So due to the events, I decided that a light-hearted movie to discuss would be ideal. I searched through some list and came across this little gem.

The movie starts off with a young model who just got the news that she got her dream modeling job in Paris. Overjoyed she goes to the tanning bed and gets into a severe accident. Fast forward to a couple of years later we are greeted to the sight of dozens of gorgeous women working out in a fitness center that we find out belongs to the sister of the model that we saw earlier. Soon after, a lot of young and beautiful people from the gym start dying and the mystery of the killer starts to unravel.

If I had to explain what cheesy 80s horror movies were like I would just show this. It has it all: bad acting, a lot of dancing, bad production, and a mysterious slasher. I’d go as far as to say that this is THE B-movie. A perfect poster child of the subgenre. It’s so, so bad, and yet everything that makes it bad made it good. It was hilarious and I enjoyed watching it. I think what made it stand out is how they hid the identity of the actual killer and made us question many characters keeping us guessing till the very end when we find out something we never would have expected. It’s nothing mind-bending by any means, but for a movie like that, it was perfectly made.

I did not really go in-depth into all of the characters and the build-up to the eventual climax but for a movie like this such things are not really important to go through and don’ really matter. Just grab a drink sit down and enjoy the over the topness of the movie.

Final verdict: 6/10

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