Hanniballathon: Hannibal – Season 2 review

Well well well, good thing they added this on Netflix. Now more and more people can watch it and we can hopefully make enough noise to get another season.

We start off the season with a very bloody fight between Jack Crawford and Hannibal that shows us where the season will go to. Cut back to the present day, we see Will in prison trying to prove his innocence or to be more exact trying to prove that Hannibal is actually the killer. Something that was definitely not expected and it flips the story completely.

Because of this Will finally manages to get a clear head and finally piece the parts together and thus a much more determined and bloodthirsty Will Graham emerges as he sets off to exact his revenge on Hannibal. And go after him he does. He uses every trick and mind games that he can in order to do it. Unfortunately, innocent bystanders get hurt and this plunges Will even deeper into the darkness. Does this mean that he will turn completely dark and join the side of Hannibal or is it all just a ruse? Who will come out on top between their mental duel?

This season is what cemented my love for the show. It is one of the best seasons of television with arguably the best season finale ever. The start of the season showed us what the finale was right? Hell no. It was full of so many twists and reveals that it would make your head spin. There was no dull moment throughout the season. Nothing that felt like filler or like it dragged on for longer than it should have. It all blended in perfectly to a fantastic ending.

It was darker, bloodier, more visually appealing, and better than ever. And at the center of it all was Will Graham. He completely stole the spotlight from Hannibal which is very hard to do. We also saw a lot of the supporting cast shine, with the exception of Alana Bloom who seemed to always be in the dark of things and even more gullible than ever.


(image found on RottenTomatoes)

I especially loved how it seemingly blurred the lines between good and bad, it makes you think how far is too far when you are chasing someone or something that is so evil. Will you fall to their level in order to catch them? How will that affect you? It is not afraid to push through boundaries in order to take the plot to better nights. We especially saw that near the end near the end when we were introduced to the Verger siblings and things went extremely dark. Even darker than I expected. But for a show like this it works. And it looks fantastic while it is doing it.

Final verdict: 10/10


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