Horrors of the real world – The “real life” Hannibal Lecter (Robert Maudsley)

At first, I really was not going to talk about this since I really don’t like giving actual serial killers attention but I think that there is an interesting conversation to be had in his case.

Robert Maudsley is currently serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of 4 people. But how did he get there and how did he earn the name “Hannibal the cannibal”?
(Keep in mind that this post will cover very serious and dark topics such as suicide and rape so be warned)

Spending most of his early life in a catholic orphanage due to being taken away from his parents due to parental neglect, Maudsley got very close to his siblings and when his parents brought him back home he started suffering physical and mental abuse in his own home possibly even rape.

After leaving his home in his teen years Robert hit the streets of London becoming addicted to drugs and working as a prostitute. There he met his first victim, a client who showed Maudsley pictures of abused children. This made Robert snap and he took his first life. Thrown in jail for life, Maudsley saw great freedom behind bars where he could do what he ended up enjoying doing – killing child predators who were right there in with him.

It is there in prison where he killed his other victims. His second victim who he killed with the help of another inmate was one of the reasons why he got his nickname. After hours of gruesome torture, he took a spoon and shoved it in his victim’s brain.

I won’t go into detail with the other two murders since it is not as important to the topics that I wanted to discuss. Close to the ending to his story he was put in solitary confinement where he spends 23 hours of his day alone with only 1 hour of exercise. A room that also a bit resembles the cell that Lecter was in in the “Silence of the lambs”. According to some psychiatrists that spoke to him he was also well spoken and very intelligent.

The reason why I wanted to talk about this specific case other than the nickname that he received which fits with my “Hannibal” post series was the cruel nature of this case.

I do not agree with what he did before I continue I do want to make that clear. Murder is never acceptable regardless of the circumstances but cases like this do make for interesting conversations. Robert has said before that if he killed his parents when he was a young man none of the other murders would have happened.

With the horrific past that Robert had and how society treated him when he was innocent seems awfully like the way that society is treating him now. One of his last psychiatrists was the only person who managed to get through to him and have any sort of progress during their sessions. But for some reason, their sessions were stopped and his psychiatrist never got to even speak to him again. The only thing that he got from him was one note that only said: “all alone now”. Hearing that does make me feel a bit of sadness for him. Is what he is experiencing actually justice? What can we do in a situation like this? Would letting him kill himself be any worse or better than what he is being put through now?

Maudsley had a horrific childhood and did horrific things. He could be used to be studied and understood so that we as a society can be better so that cases like this never have to happen again. Is that not better than just letting him rot in solitary until someday he just randomly dies. After his first murder, he was sent in a mental hospital so yes there could be danger of him doing what he does again but people get desensitized when they see a murderer so they don’t really give them enough thought to think about how to approach a subject properly so they just boldly follow protocol and pay no mind to them. This proves that it can do much more harm than good.

Another reason why I wanted to talk about this is how they just slapped on the title of “Hannibal the cannibal” to him. I could just be reaching here but it just feels like they just wanted to mistify him and make him scarier so that he gets more attention and news agencies can get more revenue. Yes, there are similarities between him and Lecter but it is definitely reaching. What would it accomplish other than clickbait? And this just ties in with what I said previously. It just seems like society has a lot to do with the creation and glorification of serial killers and little to do with studying them and attempting to stop them before they are made. But that is just my rambling. What are your thoughts on it?

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  1. Wonderful article! We as a society don’t take mental health seriously and this is just one example of that. I mean here we don’t care about kids and teenagers who go through so much depression and anxiety on daily basis so naturally its not suprising that such cases are so blatantly ignored.

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