It moves – game review

Yet again, I had to put my Hanniballathon on pause since I have been craving some versatility. So while browsing Steam I came across this. A game based on a creepypasta which I was fond of a long time ago.

A young boy gets to sleep alone in a room for the first time in his life after his brother gets a room of his own, he stays in the old one, sleeping by himself in the bunk bed. During his first night alone, he finds himself in a dark and creepy place. A dream, or more correctly a nightmare.


After some exploring, you notice that a monster begins to chase you, but right before it captures you, you wake up. This continues for several nights, where you wake up in different locations, each more horrific than the other. game1game11game111

At the same time, when you wake up, you begin to notice a presence in your room, in your bottom bunk. But something deep down inside tells you that you need to pretend that it does not exist. What could it be? What are his dreams? Are they both connected?

It’s a pretty short game, around 1 hour of gameplay but it does manage to keep you on your toes. The atmosphere is very nice and it has a good soundtrack. All in all it was an enjoyable short game but it did have some issues. Mainly it felt like it was “borrowing” from a lot of places. I can’t find any information on the connection between the developer and the writer of the creepypasta so I can not jump to conclusions but there are some things that make me jump to conclusions like:


This scene from the game is dangerously close to the work of Bekinski. There is also another comment which I found that speaks of another possible “Borrowed” picture:

But perhaps it is the same author. Still, it is weird. But considering that the game is free I don’t see any ill will in any case, it could be more like an homage. It’s a fun game with a short duration that is worth trying out. Still, sticking only to the creepypasta is a good idea too.

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