Friday the 13th – game review

I was not planning on doing any other posts other than Hannibal related ones for the time being but my friends invited me to play this game and I could not resist.

I had heard about this game before but I never really looked into the gameplay or style since although I enjoy the film franchise it is not really among my favorites. But trying something new is never really a bad thing so I gave this game a shot.

In the game, you can play as one of two things – Jason or the counselors. As Jason, as you can imagine your task is to kill as many of the counselors as you can before the time runs out or they escape, and as the counselor, you have to do everything that you can in order to survive either by calling the police, fixing the car and driving away or surviving until the clock runs out. You can play online matches with up to 7 counselors and Jason, private matches with friends and offline matches with bots.

Now, on paper, the game sounds pretty dull and simple but all in all, it was much more fun than I expected. There are different types of Jasons and counselors that you can choose that fit your play style, different maps, and different strategies.

As you can imagine, my favorite role was of course Jason. Running around the map and taking people out was insanely fun. Morphing across the map, trapping, and chasing down counselors was great fun.

Now, in all fairness, the game is not without its faults. It does have bugs and some other issues. From what I have been reading it is because the company behind it can not do much since the F13 franchise is involved in a lawsuit as to who it belongs to so they have their hands tied and that is understandable, but my main issue with the game is not the bugs. It really annoys me that you just can’t jump. it gets annoying when you run and get near a fence or rock and you can’t jump over it.

But even with all its faults, I am enjoying it quite a bit so far and it even makes me want to watch the movies again which I probably will very soon.

Final verdict: 7/10


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