Furry nights – movie review (Bonus: Finley, short horror movie)

A group of teenagers is screwing around and filming a horror movie in the middle of the forest. During the night time, while looking around in the forest, they come across an unusual group of people gathered around a campfire having a party (if you could call it that) and record them.

Soon after that, thinking they are under attack by a bear the group kills one of the furries. Upon seeing the corpse of their friend, the furries decide to take revenge on the group and start to hunt them down.

Now, at first glance, this movie sounds weird, to say the least. From the concept to the execution, as you can see in the trailer:


But… I ended up enjoying it. I showed it to some friends and we talked about it on discord while we were watching it and we had a lot of fun. It obviously does not take itself seriously so neither should you. It is the perfect movie to watch with your friends. At times it did feel like more of a comedy movie than horror (the furry noises felt a bit over the top at times but hey what do I know about furries?) but there were some decent creepy moments accompanied with some great kills (especially one involving tails which was fantastic). It’s not a movie for everyone and it has its fair share of faults but if you enjoy B movies that are so bad that they are good you definitely need to see it.  To check it out for yourself, you can find it on TubiTV.

Looking into the work of director J. Zachary Truman’s work I managed to find a short comedy horror movie called “Finley” that he did so its safe to assume that he enjoys making horror comedies:

Finley was not what I expected. I ended up enjoying it much more than the first movie. It was very well done. It told the story of three college students who move in together and find a ventriloquist dummy in the attic who ends up being a homicidal living doll. Only the problem is, he is very bad at what he does.

Perfectly mixing horror and comedy I found Finley to be an amazing short horror. Especially Finley as a character himself was fantastic, which was a nice change from the original movie since I did not really like or connect with any of the characters in it. Most of them felt forgettable. He was also a great spin on the usual “Chucky” style dolls we see in movies so he was a great breath of fresh air and I would love to see more of him. 

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