Caliban – comic book review

Garth Ennis is one of the most well known comic book writers ever. Most notably for works like “The boys”, “Preacher”, “Hellblazer” and more. But Caliban was one of his works that I had never heard of. Seeing his name on this as well as the amazing artwork done by Facundo Percio I knew that I had to pick this up.

Set in the somewhat distant future, we are introduced to the “Caliban” and its crew who are searching for other habitable planets and life forms. During one of their hyperspace jumps they encounter an alien vessel that seems to somehow merge with their own ship. As soon as they start exploring it they begin to find disturbing things as they are picked off and killed one by one.

Now I don’t want to get too spoilerish but I will say that the comic had very heavy “Alien” and “The Thing” vibes. Which in itself is not a bad thing but I did want to read something different in sci-fi horror. That being said Ennis does manage to give the story enough spice so that it does feel fresh and alluring. However, somewhere along the way, it feels like it falls flat.

The characters although not horrible seem just to be there for the sake of being there. I did not manage to find any characters that were memorable or ones that I really cared about. They lacked substance. The dialogue felt forced too and it just felt like I was reading through a lot of it just to be able to get through it. This is a shame because the antagonist of the series was a very interesting figure and I would have loved to see more of him. It’s a shame but this series could have been fantastic. I don’t regret reading it but at the same time, I am not really glad that I finished it either. Hopefully the next comic will be much better.

Final verdict: 6/10


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