When memes become a reality: Silent Rage – The Chuck Norris horror movie

I almost could not believe it when I saw this pop up on Tubi. And it would surely be a crime if I just ignored it and did not watch it.

John Kirby is a mentally ill man. He is at his wit’s end as he calls his psychiatrist one last time before he goes on a bloody rampage killing several members of the family which he was staying with. Upon hearing the cries for help, the local sheriff (Chuck Norris) shows up and investigates the situation. He quickly finds and overpowers the man and he is put in handcuffs but before he could be taken to the station he breaks loose and is shot down by the police becoming gravely injured.

Before he dies, he is taken to the hospital where two doctors try to save him. Unfortunately, all their efforts are in vain, but before the patient passes away one of them suggests that they use the formula which they have been experimenting on to fasten his cellular growth and regeneration. As you would imagine this works and John Kirby becomes an unkillable and unstoppable killing machine. The only man who can stop him? Chuck Norris!

Now as you would expect, this is not an Oscar-worthy movie. It’s barely even a horror movie. It is just your regular Chuck Norris movie where he fights off some bad guys, gets the girl, only this time there is a seemingly indestructible man involved. But of course, how would he stand a chance against the man himself. But the movie had its cheezy and fun moments, as rare as they were, which made the movie somewhat bearable but still not that enjoyable. But then again you know what you are getting yourself into when you play a Chuck Norris film so I can’t complain.

Final verdict: 5.5/10

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