Mysteries of the internet – Terminal 00 A.K.A. angus nicneven

I was browsing Reddit posts about fun and interesting creepy rabbit holes and I saw a comment talking about Terminal 00. I decided to look it up and found something much better than I initially thought.

(Epilepsy and volume warning so be careful)


So when you first open the site you are greeted with


A weird picture but nothing out of the ordinary so far. However, one-click separates you from the actual “home” page or so to say which looks like this:

And this is where the fun starts. I started scrolling down and more and more messages that said “Turn back, this is a [DEAD END]” until the site started getting more and more distorted and messed up.

Diving deeper and deeper you go into pages that keep telling you to go back as they become more and more twisted, including this one right here: which gets darker and darker while you scroll down.

Deeper and deeper the rabbit hole goes. Soon you are only accompanied by your mouse which only serves as a flashlight in the darkness where the only visible thing are the bizarre geometrical shapes that keep showing up.

Soon we begin to see a pattern. The website, or someone in it, has something hidden and does not want us to see it, but if our curiosity is stronger than our fear, maybe it will show us. Maybe it will show us…the truth?

But that is only one of the many paths that you can encounter in the site, I only scratched the surface of what this site has to offer. It is itself like a maze that you can get lost in for hours. Something that I especially love. And throughout your journey, you are constantly on edge because the site itself has a very ominous feeling making you think that you are somewhere that you are not supposed to be.

But I will not talk about its contents too much because the fun itself is to explore alone and in the dark without knowing much, therefore, creating your own narrative. I will talk about the author himself though.

The author – Angus Nicheven is someone that appears to be one year younger than me, who like me wants to become a writer (but actually is since I later found out he has one book out already) and uses his site to further his creative endeavors. Only instead of reviewing he went into a much better path and created that site. Even his about page and interest page is a rabbit hole in itself. But I managed to find something that gave me a bit of insight into his mind.

A clear gif of the game Yume Nikki a game I covered earlier. And the influence of the game becomes very clear. The same page has a reference to witches and magic which might mean “Madoka Magica” but I might be looking into it too much but I do suspect it, I also think that he is a fan of Serial Experiments Lain but if he is not I will be greatly disappointed.

According to the FAQ, his site has no specific purpose and i is a place to give his nightmares a home (which is something that both the game and the site itself made me think since a lot of the imagery in the site has a cosmic horror vibe which reminded me of Lovecraft and he himself created his world because of his nightmares, come to think of it my entire website is called “nightmares unleashed”…interesting coincidence if there are such things as coincidences)

All in all, it is a very interesting site. The person who created it has a book that I surely have to check out: and it is not really something malicious, as far as I can tell, it is just a creative output for an author, something I understand and appreciate and has hours of fun to explore. It did remind me of Mysteries of the internet – The strange 973-eht-namuh-973 website at the start but it is something completely different.
There are many things left for me to explore as well, I even dove deeper while writing this and will be looking into it more in the coming days.

Did you check the site out? What did you find? What did you think?


  1. have you reached the gate yet or the vast plain of truth? I want to find the key(If it exists in the first place).


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