Exploring the SCP foundation – the SCP pixel art collab

It’s been far too long since I looked into the SCP series. I did my introduction and first impressions, I tried to read up on some but nothing really caught my eye, until I came across this site.

You probably know who Markiplier is, one of the biggest YouTubers out there. And a short while ago he made a video about the SCP foundation and its latest threat – how one Russian man is trying to get the trademark rights to everything SCP related out there:

In that video, he showed a site that really captured my attention. The SCP pixel art collab site. https://lselden.github.io/scp-to-epub/pixel-art-collab/
I absolutely love pixel art, especially horror-related pixel art. And I knew that I would be stuck on the site for a while.

(art form the “shy guy” or SCP-096)

So below I will list some of the SCPs that I really enjoyed (on top of having the stories on each link, the site also adds the audio version which is a great touch, especially for me):

https://lselden.github.io/scp-to-epub/pixel-art-collab/scp-096.xhtml (SCP-096 as seen above)

http://www.scp-wiki.net/document-096-1 – this is the continuation to 096 which made the story more interesting for me. The first part was okay but the second part a.k.a. the experiment made it a lot more spooky.

SCP-3565 – the meat baby. https://lselden.github.io/scp-to-epub/pixel-art-collab/scp-3565.xhtml

This one was a short but awesome read.  A meat baby a.k.a. the child soup about a seemingly non-alive chunk of meat. (if you want an audio version it is not linked on the site but there is some on youtube)

SCP-1875 – the antique chessboard https://lselden.github.io/scp-to-epub/pixel-art-collab/scp-1875.xhtml
This was one of the most detailed and interesting ones that I came across and was a delight to read.


And finally, to add some comedy to the mix:

SCP-2137 or 2pac https://lselden.github.io/scp-to-epub/pixel-art-collab/scp-2137.xhtml

I am a huge fan of 2pac. His music was a big part of my childhood so when I saw this I knew I had to check it out. I highly recommend listening to the audio version since there are songs there. It is probably my favorite SCP so far.

What were some SCPs that caught your eye from the site? What artwork was your favorite?

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