The color out of space – movie review

I have been waiting for this movie for ages. And now finally I watched it.

Taking its plot from the story of the same name,  we follow the Gardner family, living on a secluded farm in New England. At first, we follow them as they try to adapt to their new lifestyle, but when a meteorite comes crashing down, followed by a blast of an unknown light in their front yard things around them start changing. The plants, the livestock, the air, the water and even space and time are being morphed into something else while the family tries to keep things together.

As I said this story was a retelling of the Lovecraftian story of the same name, only in a modern setting and with a few other subplots sprinkled in. We have some occultism which the daughter practices, we can see her from the very start of the movie doing rituals and looking into a small Necronomicon book:

which is a book that you can buy, it’s pretty small and is full of symbols which I do think were added a few times in the movie, like a triangle that can be seen a few times, but I could be looking into things too much.

This does make the movie feel like it is lost a few times like it lacks an identity because it juggles a few too many things but they were interesting subplots and I enjoyed them. When you are doing a short story into a full-length film you have to have other things.

What I had an issue with was the start, when we saw the family living their normal lives, it felt forced and not that believable but as soon as the movie kicked up gears and went cosmic it was fantastic. Nick Cage who played the father was amazing and I knew that he was a perfect fit for a Lovecraftian movie.

The usage of colors was amazing, the effects were decent, especially the practical effects and the music was great. Definitely one of the best adaptations of his work ever. I am always skeptical when it comes to Lovecraftian movies but this movie nailed it. It was a very enjoyable film. It is not perfect and it did need some polishing and it definitely has flaws but it is a delight to watch. It’s genuinely a horror movie that I think any horror fan would love. It had it all. It was the first movie that I have seen from director Richard Stanley but it will not be the last. And of course, it definitely will not be the last movie of Cage that I will watch. I am very hyped for his next work where he plays as himself who is playing as himself.

Final verdict: 8/10

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