Circle – movie review

This has been on my radar for a while. It is a movie with a pretty interesting premise.

In a pitch-black room with a strange sphere in the center are a group of people. They are standing around in small red circles and none of them have any idea as to why and how they got there. One by one they wake up and as soon as they try to get away from the circle, they die. On top of that, every two minutes one is killed.

Soon enough, they figure out that they can vote off whoever they want to be killed next. This realization starts an enormous moral and ethical dilemma. Who will survive? Who will be killed? Does the one that survives deserve to live? At first, they begin to pick out the old, the weak, the criminals, but when they notice that there are a little girl and pregnant woman in the group things begin to get complicated.

The premise itself was very interesting. It makes you think, would the people who want to kill the innocent in that situation really be considered evil? What would you do in this situation? What makes a person worthy of life over the others? Would leaving the women and children survive really be the best choice? How would humanity repopulate then?

The person remaining was a very interesting result, it was a bit although not completely unexpected. But the ending itself felt a bit weak. It was expected but it still felt like there could have been a lot more. It had enough dread and suspense but I still would not call it a great movie. Entertaining yes but nothing special. The acting was average, the characters themselves pretty cliche (but to be fair such cliches are out there in the real world) and the entire movie itself felt like it lacked that X factor. It did leave a lot of unanswered and confusing questions too.

Final verdict: 6/10

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