Let’s play – The Monster Inside

To be fair “The Monster Inside” is not really a game, but a visual novella but still…

There was something about this simple yet effective neo-noir style that this game offers. It has a short story but it is full of twists and turns that make you fully immersed.

In a world of monsters, ghouls, and beats a raging alcoholic detective tries to pull himself together as he runs around the town trying to solve a series of murders while he fights his mysterious illness.

As I said, the story is short but the music and artwork make it a stunning movie-like experience with you as the main character. It’s a different method of portraying a story and I have to say that it is a great one. It makes me think of making one myself although I am not really good at game making. It plays out like an interactive movie where you decide on your choices and answers.

You can find it on steam as well as play on the browser:

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