My top 10 best horror movies of the decade

The 2010s are ending. Who would have thought? It still feels like 2013 was yesterday.

While I know that there are a lot of fans that love bashing the current horror movies and only focusing on the 80s they could not be further from the truth. This has been an amazing decade for horror with some of the best and most memorable films ever released. There are tons that I want to talk about but I have narrowed it down to these which I will list below in no particular order:

The Lighthouse.
This is a no brainer. It was one of my most anticipated movies in a while and it definitely delivered. A stellar cast, stellar visuals, and an amazing plot.

The biggest surprise of this list. I did not expect such a fantastic film when I randomly decided to watch this. The most intense movie I have ever watched that as I said in the review made me want to stop watching it because of its intensity and at the same time not want to blink so that I do not miss anything.

The Wailing
Possibly my favorite film on the list. It absolutely blew me away. A masterpiece of cinema. South Korea can do no wrong.

The eyes of my mother
My first ever post was this movie and interestingly enough the second black and white movie on the list. A very underrated gem of a movie.

Arguably the most disturbing movie on this list, Climax was one hell of a psychedelic trip.

It is impossible not to love this movie. A fantastic revenge tale starring Nick Cage, what else could one want?

Maybe the strangest on the list (which can be surprising considering Mandy is on it) and arguably the best cinematography on the list as well. Not the best movie ever but a very memorable one

Train to Busan
Yes, a zombie movie. I am shocked that I actually put a zombie movie here since I am not a huge fan of the subgenre, but this movie was absolutely amazing and it opened my eyes to the potential of the subgenre.

I genuinely do not know which one of these to put up since both have their strengths and weaknesses so I will be lazy and lump them both into one.

What we do in the shadows
The list would not be complete without a horror comedy and there is no horror-comedy better than What we do in the shadows. A shame that I have not yet reviewed it. I might have to.

There are many more movies that I have not watched or did not mention but these movies all had the most impact on me over the years. I also tend to forget some movies so this list is definitely not permanent.

Some honorable mentions:  Errementari,  Baskin, The VVitch, It follows, The Babadook, Get out, Don’t breathe, Tucker and Dale vs evil, Annihilation, The skin I live in (although not exactly horror), The Conjuring 2, A quiet place, The House That Jack Built,  Piercing. The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

Some may go up to the list but it has been a while since I saw them and I may need to rewatch them again. (Babadook or It follows could replace November)

And as for Jordan Peele’s movies, although I really love his work and I think it deserves most of the praise it gets I find it a bit overrated and the constant circlejerk takes the spotlight away from other movies so I won’t be adding them to the list, even though he is obviously a skilled director and his movies are great.

Biggest disappointment: Halloween (2018)

Most controversial opinion: Cabin in the woods was boring and I barely finished watching it. I respect the work that was put into it but it just was not for me.

Movies I still need to watch: Possum, Green room, Dr. Sleep, Under the shadow, Under the Skin, The invitation and many more.

What were the most memorable movies of the decade for you?

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