The horror movie vault: Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter

With a name like that and a katana-wielding main character, how could I resist this?

A young girl is found attacked and her youth drained in the small village of Durward. Unsure of what to do, the village doctor, Dr. Marcus calls for his old friend and comrade -Kronos, who alongside his hunchback assistant Hieronymus Grost hunts vampires.

Once they meet, Grost explains to him that there are multiple types of vampires and how each one can be killed in a different way. Some fear the sun, some by hanging and decapitation and some from a stake through the heart. At first, Marcus is skeptical and hesitates to help them but as they investigate another victim appears and he sees the terror for himself. Now together, they seek to find the culprit and destroy him before he hurts anyone else. But unfortunately, things take a dark turn when they set their first trap.

Although I enjoy Hammer films, I have not watched many of them. But this seemed like something that I would love so I had to watch it. It seems to be a movie that did not do so well when it was initially released but has since gained a cult movie status. And after watching it I can’t help but wonder why that was. It was a pretty enjoyable movie. I wouldn’t call it amazing but it was decent.

The main character and his sidekick were a great duo and if explored could have been an iconic pair from the Hammer collection as a sort of supernatural version of Sherlock and Watson, even though the acting may not have been perfect. It’s a small twist on the regular vampire movie genre, especially at that time which makes it interesting, on top of that it has some great sword fighting scenes that make the movie campy but enjoyable. It won’t terrify you but it will definitely entertain you.

Final verdict: 7/10

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