Prince of darkness – movie review

The apocalypse trilogy is one of Carpenter’s most well-known creations, I’ve seen The thing and In the mouth of madness, but somehow I never got around to viewing this, until now.

A priest and a quantum physics professor walk into a church. The priest shows him to the basement which belonged to a secret society connected to the church. Inside, the professor is shown a mysterious tube containing a spinning green ooze that seems to be displaying characteristics that are so far unknown in the scientific world.

The professor gathers up his top students and they begin to examine it, scientifically and at the same time deciphering an old book that was found alongside it. While they are studying it, the church begins to be surrounded by the local homeless population and the ooze begins to seemingly take effect on them. The priest warns that it has a satanic power but will his warnings be enough?

This movie was made after Carpenter’s bad luck at the box office with the cult classic “Big trouble in little China”. He decided to go back to his roots and make a small budget horror movie. With that, we can see a lot of actors from his previous movies show up here, most notably Donald Pleasence who you may recognize as Dr. Loomis from Halloween and Victor Wong who played the iconic bad guy from Big trouble in little China.

This movie seemed to not be among Carpenter’s most well-received ones. From one side I can sort of seeing as to why it might throw off some people. Most of the characters seem stale and not very memorable but it was still an amazing movie. It is obvious that Carpenter had a lot of focus on making the horror aspect of the movie and it is very well done. He creates a great mix of science, religion and a dash of cosmic horror to make any horror fan satiated. It is very suspenseful, very atmospheric and it is a fantastic watch and it has one of the more unique plots that is definitely worth viewing.

With the apocalypse trilogy finally finished I am not sure how to rank them. I will be a bit controversial and say that “The thing” is not in my first place. I would rank it third but I am not sure if I would put “Prince of darkness” first or second. Not that the thing was bad, it is still an amazing film but I enjoyed the themes and plots of the other two much more.



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