Halloween movie night: The Wailing

For Halloween night I knew that I wanted something different and something that I know that I have not seen yet. So the first movie that came to mind was “The Wailing”

The Wailing is a South Korean supernatural psychological horror movie directed by Na Hong-jin about a police officer from a small village who is investigating a series of mysterious murders connected to an unknown illness. Looking around the village he begins to notice a pattern. The mysterious Japanese villager seems to be somehow involved with the murders but there is nothing connecting him to them. But once the officer’s daughter becomes infected with the disease he gets desperate for answers.

I wanted to wait a bit to cool off but I could not hold my excitement about talking about this movie., but… I can’t. This might very well be one of my top three movies of all time, maybe even the top, but I will not go that far. I knew that I would love it but I was not prepared for something so amazing. The movie manages to capture you from the first second and it never stops gripping you.

There are only a few movies that make me want to skip over to the end to see what is actually happening because I really want to find out but stop myself because every single second of it is incredible and I do not want to miss anything (which I know might not make a lot of sense but it is something that I come across in certain movies).

One of the best parts about it is that it is constructed in a way that it is purposely trying to keep you guessing as to what the truth is, even to the last second. You might start viewing it and think that you know how it will end or what the actual causes are but you will almost definitely be changing your mind throughout.

It has an amazing blend of Korean, Japanese and more westernized (Christian) symbolism and it is accompanied by some fantastic cinematography which makes the movie so dark, tense and atmospheric that it feels as if it is grabbing you by the neck and not letting go.

The acting was also superb, Do-won Kwak who played the officer, as well as Jun Kunimura who played the old man, were both top-notch but the actual star of the movie was definitely Hwan-hee Kim who played the young daughter. It was by far the best performance of a young child that I have seen.

This movie was two and a half hours long and that can be an issue with movies but by the end, it felt as if it was too short. I wanted to see so much more. I even wanted to rewatch it again because the ending gives you a different perspective and it could make the second viewing much different. It is not going to be for everyone, that I am certain of, but in my opinion, this film is a masterpiece. This is what cinema is and this is why I love watching movies.

Final verdict: 10/10

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