Eli – movie review

So this popped up on Netflix and it seemed to have an interesting premise so I had to check it out.

Eli is a young child who is infected with a rare disease that makes him severely allergic to the outside. Because of this, he is forced to live out his life quarantined. Desperate for any sort of help, his parents take him to a secluded medical facility specializing in these sorts of illnesses where Eli can freely move around.

At first, things seem to be going perfectly, but Eli soon discovers that there is something terribly wrong with the place as he begins to see ghostly figures. Are they real? Are they a part of his imagination, or something entirely different?

This was a movie with a pretty decent concept and I really enjoyed some of its visuals. There was a very unexpected twist near the end which came out of nowhere and added a bit of substance to the movie. But, oddly enough it still was not enough to make this a decent movie. I really wanted to enjoy it but it just fell flat. The twist even though interesting was still somewhat questionable, the pacing was pretty bad and it just had issues with keeping your attention. The entire movie just felt half-assed.

There were many things which they could have expanded on, many things that could have added more substance to the movie that would have made it better. Maybe even dividing it into two parts. With the way it ended, it did seem like they are interested in making another one so it would have been good to make it a trilogy.

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