The horror movie vault: The Magician (1926)

Yet another night for a random movie I have never heard about, this time a very early movie from the 20s.

“The Magician” is a 1926 silent horror movie directed by Rex Ingram based on the novel by the same name. As the title says it is about a person, Oliver Haddo (played by Paul Wegener) a magician who is seeking the magic formula for the creation of life.

In order to complete the formula and commence with his experiment, his formula seeks a very rare ingredient, and ingredient which belongs to the young and beautiful Margaret Dauncey, the soon to be wife of a young doctor. Determined to do everything, he begins the quest to obtain the woman’s heart and finish his experiment.

Interestingly enough, Oliver Haddo was based on a real-life person who you may know, Aleister Crowley (who interestingly enough criticized the book). He is also a character that shows up in the “League of extraordinary gentlemen”. Safe to say that he is a very interesting figure both inside the storyline itself and outside and Paul Wegener will

Now the movie itself as you would expect from an old movie is not exactly “scary” by today’s standards but nonetheless makes for great viewing experience, especially this very trippy scene in which Oliver shows his powers to Margaret:

There are a lot of great visually appealing scenes, some of whom resemble The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and a very interesting plot which makes this a must-watch for any classic horror fan. I am aware that it is not for everyone but as a fan of the cinema of all ages, this was a great viewing.  I am definitely going to pick up the book as well since I am doing some research on all things occult for my next short story continuation.

Final verdict: 8/10

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