In the tall grass – movie review

A movie based on a novella by Stephen King and son Joe Hill, how could I resist?

A pregnant woman and her brother are driving around cross country and while they are taking a break they hear the voice of a young boy in the grassland near them. Worried, they go into the grassland in order to find him. However, things are not as they seem in this field. As the siblings soon notice that everything is distorted and they become lost in a seemingly neverending grassy maze.

Now, this was no “The shining” but it was still a very enjoyable film. I went in blind knowing nothing about it other than it being based on a novel by King and his son and that it was directed by Vincenzo Natali who also directed Cube so it was safe to say that it really interested me.

The story has a very interesting and unique premise which is a really great breath of fresh air, it has some gorgeous cinematography at times even though at times the scenes of the grass can be a bit much but nothing to complain over. I can’t really reveal much without spoiling many key points of the film which are better left for the first time viewer to experience for themselves. The acting although not phenomenal was still decent, I especially enjoyed Patrick Wilson’s character and his entire arc.

The main issue which I would say that I had with the movie was the ending. Now it was not a bad ending and it was completely fitting considering the overall premise of the film but to me, it was just a sour cherry on top of the cake, but maybe that is because I expected something else from the movie and I can’t really blame them for it.

I honestly don’t understand why it’s getting so many bad reviews. It could be that it can be a bit confusing but if you pay attention that is not really an issue, there is nothing too over the top or something that we have not seen before. But I guess to each his own. To me, it was a decent watch. It’s the second Netflix made King movie that I’ve watched and interestingly enough it gave me quite a similar amount of enjoyment as “1922” both being very decent but not groundbreaking films.

Final verdict: 7.5/10

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