Things that made me love the horror genre: Hellsing Ultimate

Blood, blood, blood and even more blood!

Well, yet another anime on this list. Only this time it’s something completely opposite from Princess Mononoke.

Hellsing is the (to put it lightly) clusterfuck between three very powerful organizations: The Hellsing organization, the Vatican’s Iscariot division and of course the nazis all of whom seem to be revolving around our main character Alucard, in one way or another all fueled by different goals.

The Hellsing organization led by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing is a group of highly trained operatives who hunt down and kill vampires, with Alucard at the helm who seems only to bow down to the commands of Integra. But, lately, the organization has been facing some very odd vampires which seem to be attacking much more frequently than regular ones. Their unorthodox methods, however, attract the eyes of the top-secret organization “Judas Iscariot” which clashes with them as they try and get to the bottom of this new vampire uprising.

I remember first watching the first anime version of the anime and feeling very overwhelmed. Everything was there but they somehow managed to make a complete and utter failure. Little did I know there was something much more frightening lurking in the shadows: the OVA.

Now as I said before this not something like Princess Mononoke. This is carnage at its purest form. If you come into it looking for something deep and meaningful you are surely going to be disappointed.

This, of course, does not mean that it does not have any artistic value. The animation was fantastic even though it had some issues getting animated (different parts of the anime were animated by different studios), the characters are all fucking awesome (it does feature one of if not my favorite anime characters of all time) and arguably the best part is the soundtrack:

(The image of course featuring Alucard and his arch-nemesis my main dude Alexander Anderson who have one of the best rivalries in anime)

This show showcases the best of the complete opposite of what I usually like in horror. It’s bloody, messy, disturbing in all the right ways and it is a complete shock to the viewer. There really is nothing quite like it. Chaos in its best form. I think a very accurate depiction of it can be understood from the major’s unforgettable speech:


To no one’s shock, I absolutely love this anime and everything about it. It’s amazing and a must-watch for any horror or anime fan. It’s only in shows like this where you can find such over the top characters that can go all out and challenge each other and the viewer to follow along. To make something like this in live-action you’d have to have an entire cast composed of Nicholas Cages. That being said now I’m disappointed that I will never see him portray Anderson. Imagine him doing scenes like these:

Final verdict: 9/10

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