Squidward’s suicide – when a creepypasta becomes canon

What a time to be alive ladies and gents. If you have heard of creepypastas it’s very likely that you know about one of the first ones and one of the most infamous ones has always been “Squidward’s suicide”

It’s been quite a while since I last came across it. I remember reading it back when creepypastas were first growing popular a couple of years ago. It gained quite a bit of popularity, and after that, came the wave of creepypastas oversaturating the market so to say and letting it fall behind.

I almost forgot about it honestly, and when I was really shocked when I saw this on my timeline a few days ago:

Yep, this is a clip from the actual episode from the show. And yes that is the show referencing the actual creepypasta in their latest episodes.

As for the story itself: While interning at Nickelodeon, our narrator and the crew come across a tape of an unaired episode which they have not seen yet. Thinking it was another episode they played it to check if everything was as it should be, but much to their shock, they received something completely different. The entire episode is about as you can guess it a very depressed Squidward who after a failed concert where he gets booed by a creepy eyed audience ends his life.


This is one of the stories which fueled my love for creepypastas. But interestingly enough, reading it again yesterday, it did not have the same effect as it did back then. It’s still a very interesting episode and much too dark for a children’s show though. But interestingly enough it would seem that this is not the first time the show has played with this:

For someone who is not that familiar with SpongeBob (it never really became a big thing here), this came as quite the surprise. But it was a welcomed one. The fact that a hugely popular show was able to recognize a random creepy story from the internet and even add it to the show is very cool, even if it was just an easter egg. The other scene, however, just seems like it’s in poor taste to me. But maybe I’m just overthinking it.

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