Watching “Friday the 13th” on Friday the 13th (original idea)

It’s been so long since I last saw this movie. I always remember it not really sticking with me and really not being effective but seeing as how the date is perfect I thought that I should give it another chance.

By now everyone and their grandma knows the premise of the movie. A premise that has since been done so many times that you can pretty much know the entire movie even if you don’t watch it.

A group of young people are working at councelors at Crystal lake where they are reopening an old camp which closed down after a tragic incident, where two councelors were murdered 21 years ago. As they start preparing everything, someone, or something begins to kill them off one by one.

Spoiler alert: I was not impressed this time either. I would say that one of the reasons why this movie was not effective for me is that we live at a day and age where we see worse things happen daily in real life but as I said I really didn’t like it when I was younger either. Sure it’s creative and there are some scenes that are done very well it still manages to fall flat, especially compared to the (for me at least) much superior “Halloween”.

There weren’t even any characters that I liked or could see myself getting invested in. Then again that was the point of the characters I suppose. But I never really liked the trope of sex crazed teens being slaughtered. Sure it’s not a movie that you take too seriously but it still fails for me.

That being said I didn’t completely hate it. They do manage to make a great atmosphere throughout the movie and there is a pretty great twist if you know about the series but have not seen the first movie. The performance of Betsy Palmer as Mrs. Vorhees was very good as well. Probably the only memorable performance in the movie.

So, sorry but not sorry slasher fans this just had no edge or many redeeming qualities. I’ll respect its role in the horror world and it’s huge influence but it just is not for me. I will be watching the other parts too at some point though.

Final verdict: 6/10

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