Neonomicon – comic review

So umm, this exists.

You could imagine my delight when I came across a Lovecraftian comic book which was illustrated by Jacen Burrows and written by Allan Moore, both of whom have very impressive resumes. So I immediately picked it up to read it.

Our main characters are two FBI agents, Bears and Lamper who are investigating a murder done by a former federal agent. The agent seems to be insane and is locked up in a menta asylum. During their visit there, the former agent only speaks to them in an unknonwn language. However he does give out some hints with his reaction or lack of when they mention the club called Zothique. They take that as a clue and carry on with their investigation.

Now, Allan Moore is a great author, any comic book fan knows his name and almost never disapoints and as a person, he is a very fascinating person. However, this really missed the mark with me. I respect the fact that he tried to take his own spin to the mythos but it feels like he completely missed the mark. Instead of focusing on the cosmic horror aspect he instead shifts the focus to a sexual aspect for…some reason. Perhaps his own studies in magick inspired him. Everything else I really enjoyed as you would expect. The pacing was great, the characters were interesting and the art was amazing. I just really disliked his direction.

But therein lies his mistake. This only humanizes the Lovecraftian monsters thus taking away everything that makes them terrifying. Maybe if he did not base it off him I would have enjoyed it more, even though I doubt it (spoiler and disturbing alert) fishmen rape is not for me. It just seemed as if he was only going for shock factor over any sort of substance.

It does make me raise interesting questions though, I’d like to dig deeper inside Moore’s mind. Perhaps I missed the point of the series and would have to return to it. There are a sequel and prequel to this as well. Maybe in the sequel we get a better ending than the one we got in Neonomicon. Perhaps just 4 issues were not enough for him to fully explore this world and story.

In the end I think I’ll have to give it a generous 6/10.

P.S. Unrelated to the comic, I’ve been slacking off with my blogging for a month or so now and I feel bad for it but I will be picking up the pace again from now on.

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