H.P. Lovecraft’s “The colour out of space”

It seems that the universe wants me to re-read this. Not only have the promotional pictures for the movie based on it coming out (which I am very hyped about, especially since it stars Nick Cage) but I also found an insane band which has a song inspired by it:

“The colour out of space” is a short story written by H.P. Lovecraft in the year of 1927.

There is an area in Arkham which it is known by locals as “the blasted heath”. Our narrator wishes to seek out answers about it and discover it’s secrets. Unlucky with the local townspeople, he learns of a supposedly crazy man called Ammi Pierce who shares with him his experiences with a farmer who used to live there.

Apparently, a meteor crashed in that area in 1882 and ever since then troubles started arising. The meteor was odd, much different than what you would expect. The local scientists were unable to determine its origins, on top of that, the meteor itself is very soft, almost resembling plastic. As they continue to examine it, odd occurances start happening. Things start changing in the area. First the vegetation starts to change, then the wildlife.

This was arguably Lovecraft’s best story. I loved everything about it. From the concept, to the writing style and the exectution. No one but him could write such a story. In a time where most of if not all our aliens care human like, it’s almost impossible to think of creatures that do not follow the same rules that we do. On top of that it is combined with a marvelous tale of the family and it’s battle with insanity. It has the perfect mix of everything. No wonder it influenced so many things including the latest horror hit “Annihilation”.

It’s the story which showcases his mastery of writing perfectly. He manages to perfectly visualise the “supernatural” aspects to us so that we can fully be immersed in the story and he also perfectly showcases how all of the things happening around the family is destroying their sanity and describes their slow descent into madness very vividly. The father who refuses to accept that something otherworldly is happening and the family who has to bear with the concequences. There was something very human and relatable with the family as I was re-reading it. It makes me wonder how we would react if we were in a similar situation where our entire belief system was shaken to the core.

Final verdict: 10/10

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