Deafula – movie review

Yep you read that right, it is not a typo. I managed to find a movie called Deafula. It was almost impossible to find to watch but I managed to finally watch it.

As the title suggests “Deafula” is a vampire horror film filmed entirely in American sign language which is directed by and stars Peter Wechsberg. But don’t worry there is a narrator that tells the viewer what they are speaking.

The story revolves around a series of mysterious murders where the victims all have bite marks on their necks and the police are powerless to stop him. They decide to hire an expert on the matter who begins suspecting a theology student called Steve Adams who is a close friend of the man who hired him. He is baffled however since the actual Dracula was killed over 30 years ago. All these murders seem to dig up odd memories from Steve’s past. He begins remembering himself as a child when he killed a dog and drank all of it’s blood but the reason why he does not remember the murders that he is committing is because he seems to have a sort of Hyde to his Jekyll and is a completely other person when he transforms. Slowly piecing the parts together Steve discovers that his real father is actually Dracula himself so he goes to his resting place in order to confront him. I won’t give away the ending but I will say that it was the best part of the movie.

If you come in expecting this film to be either really good or really bad you will be disappointed. This is a B movie at it’s finest. It’s weird, oddly fascinating and overall a great time. Take it for what it is and enjoy it.

It was really interesting watching a movie entirely in sign language. It gives actors a completely different challenge and it’s hard to judge them on their acting since it’s really an entirely different setting. It was also filmed entirely in black and white giving it that classical movie feeling even though the movie came out in 1975.

The plot itself was a bit corny and ridiculous but for a film like that it was a perfect fit. Having the main character be the personification of evil and good in the same time and seeing both of his sides battling was actually quite fascinating and definitely the best thing about the film. It was something that we rarely see explored in movies.

I can’t really say a final score on this movie since it’s so unique and hard to judge so all I will say is that it was one of those movies that are so bad they are good. As for it being a horror film I really did not see it as one, it made me laugh rather than feel fright or shock or anything else, for example the funniest thing about the film is how his Vampiric self has a much bigger nose than his normal self.

If you want to watch it there are some copies sold around the net like on vintageshack and some other sites (not sure how valid they are) or you can maybe get lucky and find it in some shop.



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